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General Information

Bell Schedules

Regular Schedule Early Release
0-Hour 7:30-8:15    
First Bell 8:10 First Bell 8:10
1st Period 8:15-9:05 1st Period 8:15-8:36
2nd Period 9:11-10:01 2nd Period 8:42-9:03
3rd Period 10:07-10:53 3rd Period 9:09-9:30
4th Period 10:59-11:45 4th Period 9:36-9:57
5th Period 11:51-1:07 5th Period 10:03-10:24
     1st Lunch – 11:45-12:15 6th Period 10:30-10:51
     2nd Lunch – 12:37-1:07 7th Period 10:57-11:18
6th Period 1:13-1:59 8th Period 11:24-11:45
7th Period 2:05-2:52 Lunch 11:45-12:15
8th Period 2:58-3:45    

Bell Schedules

Pep Rally Schedule
First Bell 8:10
1st Period 8:15-9:00
2nd Period 9:06-9:58
3rd Period 10:04-10:49
4th Period 10:55-11:40
5th Period 11:46-12:52
     1st Lunch – 11:40-12:10
     2nd Lunch – 12:22-12:52
6th Period 12:58-1:38
7th Period 1:44-2:24
8th Period 2:30-3:10
Pep Rally 3:15-3:45



  • Students must be in attendance 90% of days during a semester to receive credit in a class.
  • When returning to school after an absence, a student must bring a note signed by the parent describing the reason for the absence.
  • Absentee permits must be obtained by the student before school in attendance office.
  • A student has 3 days to get an unexcused absence changed to an excused absence.
  • An automated calling system will call the student’s home the night of absence from school.
  • Students should bring a note from home if they must leave during the day for appointments.
  • Students who are absent from school for any reason will not be allowed to participate in school-related activities that day.
  • Students who are absent from school without permission will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Leaving Campus

Student attendance is crucial. Appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours if possible. Except for extenuating circumstances, students will not regularly be released before the end of the school day.
State rules require parental consent before any student leaves campus for any part of the school day. If the student’s parent authorizes the student to leave campus unaccompanied, a note provided by the parent must be submitted to the main office no later than two hours prior to the student’s need to leave campus. A phone call from the parent may be accepted, but the school may ultimately require a note for documentation purposes. The student must sign out through the main office and sign in upon his or her return if the student returns the same day.


Parent Drop-off and Pick-up & Parking Permits

Parents wishing to transport their student to and from school will use the parent pick-up queing lanes in front of the school on Orange St.

Students driving their own vehicle must obtain a parking permit. Permits will be issued to those with a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. Students must request a parking permit and pay a $15.00 fee to park in a school parking lot. So long as space is available, parking permits may be issued throughout the year.


Teacher Conferences

If you would like to speak with your child's teacher, please call the office (951.8900). Teachers can also be reached through school email located in the campus directory.


Cell Phones

For safety purposes, the district permits students to possess personal cell phones.

  • Student use is permitted before and after school and during lunch.
  • Phones must be turned off during instructional time unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes.
  • Unauthorized use of devices will result in discipline in accordance with the student code of conduct.
  • The district is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen telecommunication devices.

IDs at VHS

  • Student IDs must be worn around the neck on the outside of clothing at all times. 
  • A $4.00 replacement fee will be assessed for each additional ID after the original ID has been issued.
  • Defacing or tampering with ID will require a new ID and $4.00 replacement.
  • Wearing another student’s ID is prohibited and will result in discipline by the assistant principal.